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      teffo warranty:

      AquaMutant provides 1 year limited hardware warranty, and users must follow the below items to get the warranty effectively :

      • teffo must be used in a well ventilated environment with humidity under 90% and temperature under 50⁰C/122⁰F. Direct contact with water is prohibited.
      • Connection through extension cable or connection through extension cable from teffo is prohibited.
      • The maximum output in combination with a teffo cannot exceed over 10A/125VAC/1250W or 8A/240VAC/1920W. If you have more than 4 devices, then you need a 2nd or more teffos.
      • Users must not disassemble or damage teffo on purpose, includes remove/damage the product label or foot pad which cover above the screws will take as disassemble teffo.

      Once teffo gets broken while your warranty is effective, please contact your seller or support@aquamutant.com, and once confirm the warranty, we will fix it or provide replacement.

      Forum: https://blog.aquamutant.com/forums

      Website: https://aquamutant.com

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