What does the “AUTO” button do?

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    What does the “AUTO” button do?

    • “AUTO” button in FishCare app is to “ON and “OFF” all the automation rules you set. Press “AUTO” to run the automation system while your aquarium devices and FishCare settings are ready to go.
    • It helps you back to automation quickly with one click after clean up your aquarium tank.Note : While turning off “AUTO”, system will switch to manual mode and all four sockets will be powered off automatically due to safety concern.
    • If you have 2 or more teffo for a tank, “AUTO” button in FishCare (software button) presents the whole automation system, including all the teffos. If you want to turn off the automation rules temporarily on a specific teffo and rest of teffos keep automation working, press the “AUTO” button on this specific teffo (hardware button) to OFF automation on specific teffo; press hardware button again to back to automation.

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