[New Function]Calibration of Probe and Delay of Device

Support version:

Android app : 1.6.1 or later
iOS app: 1.6.1 or later
FW: 1.6.3 or later

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Notice: calibration of probe

  • After calibration, all the readings and policy will be shown and triggered by new value.
  • Calibration must be in local network, means your phone and teffo connect to the same router during the process.
  • The maximum range of calibration is ±10⁰C or ±18⁰F.
  • Before calibration, please keep your probe in water more than 15 minutes and make sure the reading become stable, calibrate the probe at the temperature value you use mostly to increase the accuracy.
Clibartion icon
calibration icon
Clibartion settings
enter the calibrated value you want and save

Notice: Delay of Device

Enable it on specific device will delay 5 minutes to start while AUTO. It avoids protein skimmer going crazy before water level get stable.

delay of device

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