Mobile Alert – No longer fry your aquarium fish

Most of aquarium enthusiasts have the traumatic experience of unexpected heater malfunctioning which could kill most of the livings within few hours. How to prevent such tragedies from happening again is always a headache. 

Guess what! A simple mobile alert might help.

FishCare app push a mobile alert to your phone immediately while abnormal

Aquamutant teffo is an alternative solution capable of monitoring the temperature status of your aquarium remotely. “FishCare” app of AquaMutant teffo can notify you within 15 seconds anywhere* whenever your aquarium temperature is out of the range you set. Aquarium enthusiast can check the temperature status from the app and make necessary actions immediately and remotely. No longer fry your aquarium fish.

FishCare Mobile Alert - No longer fry your aquarium fish

*Note: mobile phone needs 3G/4G/WiFi with Internet connection



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